Electric Power Generators in Northern California — Power Generator Rentals in Mendocino Wine Country

We offers technical support for all customers. With every rental, we will tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. From our decades of experience in the power generator industry and working with clients from nearly every industry, we know exactly what problems you can expect and how to solve them. With your rental, we will give you an in-depth consultation and answer all your questions. If you need face-to-face help, we can provide them to you, as long as you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or Northern California. We are located in San Francisco but consider all of Northern California our home and family. Our northern California rental service provides remarkable customer support for all generator rentals. With natural gas, diesel, and dual fuel generators, we can provide you the power you need for something as big as construction equipment or as “invisible” as lighting. Servicing customers throughout Northern California, we provide generators from Mendocino Wine Country to Monterey.


Electric Power Generators in Northern California

California is growing at a rapid rate,” Randall Venerable, CEO of Generators Unlimited says. “So many temporary events and facilities must find a way to power their tools, but they usually don’t have the resources to buy a permanent power source. So they come to us. It’s a very good time right now to be in Northern California. We are finding ways to provide huge amounts of power while removing the environmental damage they cause.” Venerable was referring to biofuel power generation that is competing to make environmental-damaging power sources redundant. While still holding traditional generators for rent in Pebble Beach and Mendocino Wine Country, Generators Unlimited gives its customers the choice: select what you need for YOUR event, but take the environment into consideration.


Power Generator Rental CA

If you need a generator for your event in CA, please call us now. We’ve been renting power generators in CA for more than 20 years. Businesses across CA have been relying on us for several reasons, not the least of which is customer service. We have the loyalty of businesses throughout Mendocino Wine Country, Pebble Beach, San Francisco and many other areas in CA. Our biofuel generator rentals are soaring in Mendocino Wine Country, mainly because of the community’s environmental-conscious attitude. Our power generator rentals in Ca can protect your business or project againts blackouts. But that isn’t the only reason your event might need our back-up juice. The power generator is a form of insurance to ensure your event runs smoothly. Even if you plan your event “to the t,” something always goes wrong. If the power goes out, everything goes wrong. We don’t require reservation fees, so if you have an upcoming event, call us now. You can cancel at any time. We will also teach you how to use our power generators. With our huge power generator rental inventory, you’ll get a custom solution for YOUR event.

Creative Power Generator Renting Service in Northern California

Need to rent a power generator? Visit or call us: Generators Unlimited. For all of your power generation needs for your event, we provide. With the largest fleet of power generators in Northern California, we provide the best variety in Northern California. Our power generators are well maintained and ready to perform. Our power generators provide a smart, silent and safe way of supplying your event with energy. We have a number of generators available. You can choose or you can call us for advice. We have biodiesels on hand for the environmentally conscious. Rent one today! We are based out of San Francisco, CA.


How to Hire a Power Generator in Northern California

A high-grade diesel generator has two important characteristics:

  1. It must be failproof.
  2. It must be silent.

To meet these needs, we offer only the best power generators in Northern California. Our power generators are originally designed for movie shootings, so they are absolutely silent. We refer to them as “movie-silent” generators. For events where audio quality is critical, our power generators are perfect. When you use us for power generator hire in Northern Ca, expect reliability and controlled noise levels. We rent out our power generators to large concerts, entertainment events and industrial jobs. You can use them in conjunction with separate fuel supplies and parallel switch gear. In this way, you are providing standby power, greatly reducing the chance of power outages.


Generators for Rent in Oakland

Generators Unlimited has the largest collection of power generator rentals in Northern California, making it suitable for the Oakland area. With our huge collection of power generators, we are ready for any job. Our diesel-powered, “movie-silent” power generators range from from 10 kilowatts to 3000 kilowatts. It all depends on what you need. Call us for advice. We supply power to events as short-term as 1 evening to as long as month-long engineering projects. We can also help you resupply your fuel for longer-term projects. If you have any special needs or questions, be sure to call today.