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Generators Unlimited is San Jose’s premier full service generator provider. We specialize in rentals, service, and installation for all types and sizes of generators. We know generators and only rent out the most trusted generator brands on the market. If you are looking for a small portable generator to power a wedding or a large 20KW backup generator for industrial work, you have come to the right website! We also service the greater San Jose area.

Generators Unlimited, a small California-based firm founded by Randall Venerable (a 16-year veteran of the Northern California power generator industry), offers portable”movie quiet” generators specifically for the motion picture and events industries. The system employs up to 3000 amps. The generator is most suited for events in which sound is of the essence. Standard generators, on the other hand, would make too much noise to properly film a quiet drama or wedding ceremony.

Generators Unlimited Carry Biodiesel Generators

Having a standard generator for back-up power is great – unless you care about the environment. The negative aspect of the being in the generator industry – perhaps the only negative aspect – is that in a way, I’m contributing to global warming. So what’s the solution? Biodiesel fuel: End-users of our generators can use our generators without worry about damaging the environment or fulfilling new, tough environmental regulations.

A trusted generator rental provider, Generators Unlimited also offers a wide selection of “like new” and “used” generators for sale. Should you feel you need a portable generator constantly positioned in San Jose, you can buy one of our various generators for sale in San Jose. We will meet your demands when reliable portable power is required. The performance and durability of our generators have made us the generator provider of choice for industrial and construction businesses in San Jose.

Diesel Power Generators for Northern California

Generators Unlimited is the generator rental provider you want if your goal is to find the best customer service in the commercial and industrial generator industry. Fill out the simple form on our products & pricing page and receive a quote within 24 hours. Save time and money by ordering in advance. Can you buy a portable generator? Yes, we do have generators for sale, though the rental is generally more cost-efficient in all honesty. We can help you with this decision; just contact us. From choosing the right generator to getting your generator installed for your event, we are here to help.

Generators Unlimited handles the sales, rental, and service of generators in Northern California and has been doing so for almost two decades. For more information, see our page on portable power generators available in Northern Ca and Sonoma. We are located in San Francisco, CA.


The Perfect Power Generator for Your Event

Call for an evaluation as to what generator you’ll need for your event. Whether it’s emergency standby generators or industrial standby Generators, we can provide you with expert information as to which generator would most suit your needs. Experts in Northern Ca are waiting for your call. We are ready to help you with choosing a standby generator in Northern Ca and Monterey. Get started by entering your information in the form on our pricing page. To compare multiple power generator prices, just pick up the phone and call!

Our portable power systems have been serving businesses who need long-term emergency power at small-scale, isolated sites. Examples include post-earthquake and disaster efforts. We hope that such projects do not become more common, but we will be there if they do.

Biodiesel Power Generators, Northern CA

We are a company of professional power system installers. An outdoor event or movie shooting will, in its planning, eventually ask the question: “Who will supply the power for this event?” In Northern California, it’s our name that usually pops up as the answer. As the largest power generator provider in Northern California, we ourselves can’t believe how many events and businesses we’ve provided power to. We’ve provided power to castle parties, movie shootings, and rock concerts.

Rent a generator through contacting us, online or via phone. We serve customers around the Northern California, having rented portable power generators to companies throughout Northern California, from Woodside to Sonoma. We also service government activities such as standby power provision. Our generator installers are held to a high standard and will ensure your business gets hooked up right. We are specialists: event power supply and emergency power supply are all we do.

Generators Unlimited is the best source to rent a generator in Northern CA. With generators Unlimited, you can get a quote on any type of generators in 24 hours, helping you save time and effort. Check out our generator rental prices on our products & pricing page. Or request a quote to for your specific event now. Generators Unlimited also provides biodiesel portable generators for environmentally conscious businesses. Rental and installation services are both available. We have generator rentals on-hand ranging from 2kW to 350 kW. And we provide them with a smile — we put customer service before anything.


Generators Unlimited: The Most Trusted in Northern California

You can count on Generators Unlimited as a company just as you can count on their generators. The analogy is clear: Generators Unlimited’s generators are crucial for emergencies. If you are at a job site that doesn’t have adequate electric power, our generators are a life-saver. They provide that much needed portable AC or DC power in any emergency situation. Choose a portable generators that perfectly suits your small outdoor job; or opt for a heavy-duty generators with serious power and an extensive run-time for bigger and longer jobs. Get the job done right with the right generator. Get the job done right with the right generator rental provider: Get a quote from the local, Northern California company Generators Unlimited today.